Open Source Alternatives to AWS Cloud Services

13 Aug 2019

This list is useful for when you can’t / don’t want to use an AWS cloud service, for example when you need to run the same service on multiple clouds, or on a mix of datacenter, cloud and edge. Please help me grow this list on Github!

Groups covered: Storage, Database, Analytics, Compute

AWS Service What it does OSS Alternatives
S3 Object store Minio, Swift, Ceph, …
EFS File system  
FSx File system Lustre
S3 Glacier Archive storage  
Storage Gateway Hybrid storage  
AWS Backup Backup for AWS services n/a
RDS Relational database MariaDB, MySQL, Postgres
DynamoDB NoSQL database Apache Cassandra
ElastiCache In-memory cache Memcached, Redis
Neptune Graph database Neo4j
Amazon Redshift Data warehousing Spark SQL, Apache Hive, Presto
Amazon QLDB Ledger database  
Amazon DocumentDB Document database MongoDB
Athena Data warehousing Spark SQL, Apache Hive, Presto
EMR Hadoop / Spark Apache Spark
CloudSearch Search Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Service Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Kinesis Data streaming Apache Kafka
QuickSight Business analytics  
Data Pipeline ETL Apache Airflow
AWS Glue ETL Apache Airflow
AWS Lake Formation Data lake HDFS
MSK Data streaming Apache Kafka
EC2 Virtual machines  
EC2 EBS Block storage for EC2 OpenEBS, Portworx
Lightsail Virtual machines  
ECR Container registry Docker Registry, Quay
ECS Container orchestration Kubernetes, Marathon
EKS Container orchestration Kubernetes
Lambda Serverless Knative, OpenFaaS, Fn
Batch Job queue Apache Airflow
Elastic Beanstalk App deployment  
Serverless App. Repo. Serverless repository