This list is useful for when you can’t / don’t want to use an AWS cloud service, for example when you need to run the same service on multiple clouds, or on a mix of datacenter, cloud and edge. Please help me grow this list on Github!

Groups covered: Storage, Database, Analytics, Compute

AWS Service What it does OSS Alternatives
S3 Object store Minio, Swift, Ceph, …
EFS File system Β 
FSx File system Lustre
S3 Glacier Archive storage Β 
Storage Gateway Hybrid storage Β 
AWS Backup Backup for AWS services n/a
RDS Relational database MariaDB, MySQL, Postgres
DynamoDB NoSQL database Apache Cassandra
ElastiCache In-memory cache Memcached, Redis
Neptune Graph database Neo4j
Amazon Redshift Data warehousing Spark SQL, Apache Hive, Presto
Amazon QLDB Ledger database Β 
Amazon DocumentDB Document database MongoDB
Athena Data warehousing Spark SQL, Apache Hive, Presto
EMR Hadoop / Spark Apache Spark
CloudSearch Search Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Service Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Kinesis Data streaming Apache Kafka
QuickSight Business analytics Β 
Data Pipeline ETL Apache Airflow
AWS Glue ETL Apache Airflow
AWS Lake Formation Data lake HDFS
MSK Data streaming Apache Kafka
EC2 Virtual machines Β 
EC2 EBS Block storage for EC2 OpenEBS, Portworx
Lightsail Virtual machines Β 
ECR Container registry Docker Registry, Quay
ECS Container orchestration Kubernetes, Marathon
EKS Container orchestration Kubernetes
Lambda Serverless Knative, OpenFaaS, Fn
Batch Job queue Apache Airflow
Elastic Beanstalk App deployment Β 
Serverless App. Repo. Serverless repository Β